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Structured, strategic, process driven marketing,
based on robust engineering principles.

Building your Marketing Machine

Every business is different. This means a marketing activity that works brilliantly for one business may not work at all for yours. So our first task is always to understand the business and set a strategy. 

Who do you want to attract to your business? What are the steps in your customers’ decision-making process? And, how will you know that your marketing has been successful?

Your strategy and marketing activities will be specific to your business strategy and tailored to achieve your goals.

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Do any of these problems
resonate with you?

We don't have a strategy or structure to our marketing.

Without a structure, marketing can feel like a creative "dark art". But good marketing has to be grounded in a robust, logical strategy, efficient implementation and meticulous measurement. We can give you a structured approach to your marketing that'll enable you to take control of your strategy and start taking purposeful, productive action to growing your business.

We’ve tried various marketing activities before, but none of them have been particularly successful.

Your business is not like other businesses, so your strategy will be unique and specific to you. Taking a tailored, strategic approach means we can then plan and implement marketing activities that will maximise results on your bottom line.

We've worked with a few different 'marketing consultants' but they didn't really understand our business because we’re different from other businesses.

We specialise in working with complex businesses such as engineering, software and specialist consultancies. We take the time to deeply understand the workings of your business to ensure we give good advice, and we’ll support you every step of the way. We also make sure we explain our rationale at every decision-point so you stay in control of your strategy at all times. Over time, we aim to help you recruit your own marketing person so you won't need us any more.

We have a Marketing Manager but I want them to be more confident in their role.

Being a sole marketer in a growing business can be overwhelming. We support Marketing Managers through training, mentoring and implementation support so they feel confident in their role and deliver great marketing results for your business.

I want to hire a marketing person, but I don’t know what activities they should be doing.

Well done for addressing this now! Too many businesses hire marketers, expecting them to be able to do everything from creating the strategy to writing every social post. We help our clients create a strategy and plan BEFORE they hire, so they can choose the right person with the right skills.

I’ve hired a marketing person but their work isn’t making much of an impact on our sales

Most of the time, this issue is because a junior marketer has been hired hired when the business owner doesn’t have a strategic plan in place. The junior marketer doesn’t have the skills or experience to create a strategy, so the marketing activities they do end up being unstrategic and ineffective. We can help create a plan for your marketer to implement, and provide training and mentoring. The result is that your employee becomes a marketing superstar, driving your business forwards.

I’m an experienced Marketing Manager but I’m getting overwhelmed trying to juggle and prioritise all our different marketing activities, and I can’t see the wood for the trees.

Being the only person flying the flag for marketing in an SME is hard! We can be your trusted advisor and sounding board to help you prioritise and plan, so you can be more efficient and deliver your best work. We can also support you with ad hoc implementation, so you can get your projects off the ground quicker.

Our charity’s marketing isn’t generating the donations we need, or it’s not inspiring enough volunteers to help us.

It breaks my heart when I see amazing charities and NFPs failing to make the impact they deserve, purely because their marketing strategy isn't quite right.​ ​I offer my 'Kickstart Your Marketing' online workshop free of charge to all not-for-profit organisations who need our help.

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Struggling to know where to start?

Free guide and mini training course

How to do marketing
that actually works

This package combines the marketing knowledge you need to build an effective strategy that works for your business with a free email training course you need to help you put the guide into action.

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Work with us

Choose the path that fits you

CEO intensive support

Get confident that your marketing budget is invested in the right places with a comprehensive strategic review and a plan tailored to your business. Once we have a strategy and 90-day plan in place, we can support you and/or your Marketing Manager in implementing your marketing activities. Good for: CEOs, MDs & Founders who already have a marketing person or who want to be able to recruit someone to drive their marketing forwards.

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Marketing Managers training & mentoring

When you’re responsible for juggling all the many cogs in a business’s marketing machine, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Our training and mentoring will give the perspective and confidence you need to lead your company’s marketing and make a measurable impact. However, our main goal is really that you will overcome the stresses and pressures, and start enjoying being the marketing superstar that you are.

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Small & micro-business owners equipping

Transform your marketing from scattergun to structured with the Marketing Machine Programme. In this training programme, you will learn how to create your own growth strategy and construct a 90-day marketing plan that you can start implementing right away. This structured approach will give you the tools to establish good marketing processes that an employee can one day follow.

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NFPs strategic direction

If you’re responsible for marketing in a charity or NFP, I don’t need to tell you how important it is that your marketing is as efficient and effective as possible. To help you, ​I’m offering my 'Kickstart Your Marketing' online workshop free of charge. With these step-by-step tutorials and resources, you can create a strategy and 1-page marketing plan by this time tomorrow.

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Machines running well

We believe that every business owner deserves to understand the fundamentals of how marketing actually works. More than that, we believe that business owners NEED to understand marketing if they’re going to be able to take control of their business’s growth.


"I’ve noticed changes in my staff, who are keener, more confident and more professional. They’ve followed what Ros said and put it into practice. She’s given us a sense of direction and a structure to work from. She’s shown us how it should be done – it’s taken away a stress and a doubt"

Edward Morris, EP Morris and Company Ltd

“When I first put my website up, I just expected people to come to it. I didn’t realise the importance of guiding people to and through it. Now I’m getting enquiries through it.But the biggest benefit has been the boost in confidence to myself. I’m able to approach clients in more ways now, tell them what I’m about and guide them through the process and project.”

Martin O’Hare - O’Hare Engineering Design Ltd.

"Ros has helped our business grow more than we ever imagined. She helps us to think differently about our marketing approaches, evaluate decisions properly and has put together a plan that not only delivers results but also saves us money by preventing us from making expensive misjudgements around marketing She’s saved us time, money and our sanity!”

Karen Meager - Co-founder, Monkey Puzzle

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