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Our mission

We believe every business owner needs to control their own marketing strategy. Handing over responsiblity of strategy to an outside agency is like asking your accountant to make all your financial decisions for you - you could, but it'd make you VERY vulnerable!

And in order to take control of your strategy, you need to understand the fundamentals of how marketing actually works. Without understanding, marketing is a cost - or worse, a gamble. 

We're on a mission to give business owners the reigns to control their marketing strategy and business growth. We do this through strategic consultancy, training, mentoring and coaching, giving business owners the keys to a marketing machine that'll drive profit.

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Ros Conkie - Founder 


Based in Portishead, North Somerset, Ros has been working in marketing and business development since 2004, both in-house and externally as an independent consultant. ​

She studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol, and on graduation, she was encouraged to work more in business development and marketing. And it turned out she was much better suited to it than engineering. Ros worked as a Marketing Manager and Product Manager in a number of small businesses in technical industries including robotics, aerospace, defence and medical devices. 

Having an engineering background meant that she was able to work between sales and design to make sure that all product developments and improvements effectively met the customers' needs.

​Since then, Ros has trained with world-class, award-winning marketers and business psychologists to become a Chartered Marketer with the CIM and an expert in marketing strategy with a strong reputation and proven track record.

Ros has worked independently as a consultant, trainer and coach since 2012, working with small businesses in a wide variety of sectors to grow and meet their business objectives.

Katie Evans - Marketing Manager  

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Ros is supported by Marketing Manager Katie Evans. Katie has been working closely with Ros since 2021, starting as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. She's been on a steep learning curve, picking up new marketing skills, software and expertise every day. Katie leads our content and social media marketing activity, making sure everything we post is the high quality our clients expect.

​Katie's a gifted copywriter and content creator, and loves supporting Academy clients with their marketing content. But she's no soft-touch! She has the almost-impossible job of making sure Ros stays on track with her marketing plan, and also helps our clients maintain momentum by keeping them accountable. Everyone needs a Katie on their team!

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Our values

Trust and honesty

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can help them work out what’s really holding their business back.

Respect and integrity

We work with companies that deliver real value to their customers; that sell things they know will improve their customers' lives.


Not just for our businesses but also for ourselves. If we as individuals stop learning then we stall and fail to achieve success. Likewise, a business has to grow to allow its employees to grow and to continue to deliver value to its customers.


Don’t misunderstand me, I take my work very seriously! But we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. Life’s short, so let’s all find joy wherever we can.

Community and support

Our vision is to build a community of business owners, all striving to continually improve their marketing and support fellow business owners in achieving their goals.


Let's talk

We'd love to talk to you about your goals and whether we might be able to help you achieve them. Book in a clarity call and we'll talk.