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Marketing is a skill that every business owner needs if they're to grow a profitable, successful business. It's not rocket science (believe me, I used to design robots before I got into sales & marketing) and it's not a "dark art". Effective, efficient marketing is achieved by following the same process as engineering design. This structured process enables business owners to build a marketing machine that consistently generates long-term, loyal customers.

When you understand the fundamentals of how marketing works, you can take control of your marketing and generate measurable sales results. Together we will create a structured process for your marketing and work through a robust plan to deliver the sales results you want.


Building a Marketing Machine

Whichever path is best for your business, you'll be taken through our systematic process applying this proven structure to your marketing strategy and activities.

Here's what it looks like...

The Marketing Machine process infographic


But how does it work? Find out how the marketing machine process generates consistent leads in your business on our ‘how we work’ page.


Support for you and your team

CEOs needing a marketing function

CEOs Building a Team

Have you always wished you had an in-house marketing team but don't want the commitment and expense? With us, you'll have a complete team driving leads and sales. And when you're ready to recruit, we'll support your marketer with training and mentoring to make sure they deliver ROI.


Small Business Owners needing marketing training and support

Small Business Owners

You started your business because you're great at what you need to do... but now you need to get regular sales in and marketing isn't your skillset. We provide training, mentoring and consultancy to small business owners who have got to the stage where they "need to do marketing properly".

Marketing Managers needing mentoring

Marketing Managers

Being the only marketing person in a business can feel pretty isolating at times. We work with capable Marketing Managers to support their strategic planning, build their skills and provide the clarity and encouragement they need to ensure they continue to add value to their businesses.


Marketing for charities and not-for-profits

Charities and Not-For-Profits

A marketing strategy can feel like a luxury when that money could otherwise go towards helping people in need. But clear direction is essential if you want to make an impact, which is why we offer NFPs a selection of pro bono and reduced-rate services.


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