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Who’s driving your marketing? 

Have you ever wished you had a fully-fledged in-house marketing team driving your business's growth? Every growing business needs a "marketing machine" that produces long-term, loyal customers. 

As with any effective machine, the way to get the best results is to have an expert at the controls. Someone who is on the lookout for new opportunities, making sure every marketing activity is aligned with your business, strategy, vision and goals and is advising and developing your team to get results. 

Marketing Support for CEOs
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When you’re just starting to build a marketing function for your business, bringing in an experienced Marketing Manager or Director isn’t usually a cost-effective move. Especially when most of your marketing tasks are fairly simple, like updating your website, writing content and maintaining a social media presence. 

On the other hand, hiring a junior marketer or apprentice will mean you need to give them a strategy and plan to implement - assuming you want their activity to be effective in generating ROI. It also adds the need for training and mentoring, as well as someone to oversee the work they’re producing.

So you can’t hire a marketing person without a strategy, and you can’t create a strategy without a marketer. It’s a chicken-and-egg problem that stops so many businesses from scaling.

We’re here to support exactly this stage in your company’s growth.

We’re here to help you develop an effective marketing strategy and roadmap to creating your own internal marketing team. One that’ll give you the confidence your marketer is working strategically, being supported, measuring effectively and developing their skills to scale with your business.

It’s that old adage of “give a man a fish…” We don’t want to control your lead generation by doing your marketing for you. In time we want to teach you to fish for yourself. In the short term, we're going to help you fish and, if you need us to, we can do a bit of fishing for you to get you started, show you and your team how to get the best results and get your momentum going.

Ready to take the first step in transforming your business?

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Without a strategy, it's easy to fall into the trap of what we call "scattergun marketing": doing marketing activities and just hoping it'll work. Marketing based on gut instinct can work… but it's risky.

You're essentially gambling with your money.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Our clients are often people who have already tried the gut-feel, gambling approach and it hasn’t worked. They need something more robust and logical. A process for choosing their marketing that they can understand and trust.We take a structured, logical approach so you can be confident your marketing is an investment and helping you to achieve your business goals.

Find out how you can end scattergun marketing forever in your SME with our free tutorial…

How we support you...

Our goal is to make sure every business has a "Marketing Machine" driving leads, sales and profit. Through our work with you, we'll design and build you a marketing machine, and train your team to drive it. 

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We'll support you every step of the way and make sure the marketing function we create is exactly what your business needs to achieve your goals with.

A typical engagement often looks something like this...

  • Strategy and planning sessions (in person or via zoom) to get you to your first, detailed, 90-day plan: most clients need 6-8x 2hr sessions to complete their detailed 90-day plan.
  • A comprehensive online training programme for everyone on your team, to enable them to understand, build and drive your marketing machine.
  • Phone and email support throughout, to provide feedback and advice.
  • Tools and templates to help you plan, implement, test and measure your marketing activities, including spreadsheets, a reusable (wipe-clean) A1 90-day planner, and access to my 90-day marketing planning app.
  • Tailored support and content creation to kickstart the implementation of your 90-day plan.
  • Recruitment support to make sure you hire the right marketing person, first time, and have everything you need in place to help them achieve marketing success.  

Our clients aren't looking for a one-size fits all "marketing magic wand". So we always start with a conversation about where you're at right now and where you want to go.

Your questions answered…

I don't have a marketing team, does that matter?

No, not at all. We work with businesses from just one or two people upwards. With our very small clients, we are their marketing team. As a business grows we support the recruitment, training and mentoring of their marketing team until they don't need us any more.

Who will I be working with?

Your strategy will be created by Ros Conkie. If you need support implementing your plan after we've created it, then other members of the team will be brought in as well. We also work with our trusted network of partners and suppliers to bring in specialist skills that we don't have in-house.

What happens once we've created a strategy?

Having taken many businesses through this process now, I’ve become aware that, once people complete it, the story isn't over. Having the knowledge is great, but implementing it is another challenge.Some people are happy to take this on themselves, but others need more support to keep the momentum going.This is why, once we have your 90-day plan in place, we’ll be here to support you through the implementation. Whether it’s creating content, rebranding, keeping the momentum going with quarterly planning sessions, setting up new processes and systems, recruiting team members, or bringing in agencies etc., We're on your team to help make sure you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Can I get a grant to pay for this work?

We often have clients using grant funding to pay for the initial strategy development and training. If you need our help to apply for a grant, please get in touch and we'll support you in whatever way we can to get the funding.


Machines running well...

The people you really want to hear from are the people who have already taken the leap and been through the process.

So, don’t just take it from us, here’s what our previous clients had to say…

"My marketing has improved a lot since I started working with Ros and Katie. We’ve gradually built up a strategy which includes loads of marketing activities that approach clients without actually approaching them with regular blogs, LinkedIn content and my website. When I first put my website up, I just expected people to come to it. I didn’t realise the importance of guiding people to and through it. Now I’m getting enquiries through it.” - Martin O'Hare, O'Hare Engineering Design Ltd.

Martin Ohare

"Ros has helped our business grow more than we ever imagined. She helps us to think differently about our marketing approaches, evaluate decisions properly and has put together a plan that not only delivers results but also saves us money by preventing us from making expensive misjudgements around marketing She’s saved us time, money and our sanity!” - Karen Meager, Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy

Karen Meager

"I’ve noticed changes in my staff, who are keener, more confident and more professional. They’ve followed what Ros said and put it into practice. She’s given us a sense of direction and a structure to work from. She’s shown us how it should be done – it’s taken away a stress and a doubt" - Edward Morris, EPM

"Marketing has always been one of my challenges in running a business. There are so many different platforms and marketing methods that it is hard to know where to invest to generate consistent leads. Ros made me think about how my customers interact with the business and I now have tools that will make sure the next marketing campaign I conduct will provide a good ROI. If you are unsure how to get the best from your marketing campaigns, speak to Ros, it could be the best investment you make in marketing!" - Simon Norton, Bristol Business Brokers

Simon Norton

"Ros has deconstructed 'marketing' and created a framework that covers the whole of the territory, a system to ensure the parts of the framework hold together. It is not a 'fill in the blanks' template – it makes you think, question, and test. It is both straightforward and subtle and is one of the most valuable courses I have been on." - Philip Avery, The Business Mechanic


"I looked over my goals I set last year for marketing, in 12 months we wanted to… Raise our conversion rate from 30% to 36%... It’s now 65%. Increase the average monthly spend per customer from £300 to £500… it’s now £750. Have 20 retainer clients, which we have! We’ve tripled our business in a year. Just wanted to share this with you and say a massive thank you! - Electra Savvidou, ActionPAs

Electra Savvidou
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