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Have you ever wondered what's involved in creating a successful marketing strategy? 

When you’re running a complex, engineering or tech business, lots of the things people think of as marketing, like advertising and websites and leaflets, won’t work for you like they do for other people. Because your business is completely different to most other businesses out there - even your competitors! You can’t just copy and paste what others are doing. You need a different strategy and approach.

Early in my career, I worked for a small robotics company, creating ultra-niche, very expensive, bespoke robots. Our business was completely unique – we were literally the only people in the world doing what we were doing. So, we couldn’t just copy what worked for other businesses because it would never work in our context. We had to find another way to market ourselves.

So, I spent a lot of time learning about marketing and trying to work out why some things worked for some businesses and not for other businesses - I was basically trying to reverse engineer marketing, and I started to realise that, actually, good marketing is not the creative nonsense I thought it was. Bad marketing is creative nonsense, I’m sure you’ve seen many examples of this as I have! But good marketing is actually… 

  • Methodical and structured
  • Based on objective analysis and research
  • Carefully designed, planned and project managed
  • Tested and measured
  • Efficient and effective

Sounds a lot like engineering! So the methodology I use now is based on what I learned in my degree 18 years ago.


How it works...

If you were to design a "marketing machine" that creates long-term, loyal customers, how would you do it? 

This is how…

The Marketing Machine process infographic


Our structured process is based on an engineering design process. It takes you right back to basics, creating a specification for what you want your marketing to accomplish. We’ll then design and build an efficient machine that keeps your customers at its core, always, with an effective methodology to test, measure and improve your results to continue scaling your business. 

Why it works...

  • It's strategic and tailored to every business: It's about your customers, what you do specifically for them, and how your customers buy from you. When you have a very complex or niche business, you can’t just look at your competitors and copy what's working well for them. Your business is different, so this process will create a tailored strategy that works for you.

  • We test and measure your objectives: A big reason why a lot of marketing fails is because people are making a lot of assumptions in their marketing but they aren’t clear what those assumptions are. So, when something works really well, they’re not sure why it was so successful and when it doesn’t work they don’t know how to improve it. We make sure we’re explicit about the assumptions we’re making about your ideal customer and buyer journey when you first start this process. This means that we can set clear objectives and metrics to measure and test whether these assumptions were correct and whether we need to carry out any market research. Research can be expensive so we don’t start with that unless we’re sure we need it.

  • We don't scale up until you're ready: We prototype your marketing to check that it works and when we’re confident its working (because we have a good measurement structure), that's when we start scaling up - when we’re confident we’re investing our time and money in the most profitable and effective paces. 

  • It’s an iterative process: We’re constantly checking your marketing is on course to achieving your goals and we keep course correcting to make sure we’re adjusting to internal and external changes to your business.

Who we help

CEOs needing a marketing function

CEOs Building a Team

Have you always wished you had an in-house marketing team but don't want the commitment and expense? With us, you'll have a complete team driving leads and sales. And when you're ready to recruit, we'll support your marketer with training and mentoring to make sure they deliver ROI.

Marketing Managers needing mentoring

Marketing Managers

Being the only marketing person in a business can feel pretty isolating at times. We work with capable Marketing Managers to support their strategic planning, build their skills and provide the clarity and encouragement they need to ensure they continue to add value to their businesses.

Small Business Owners needing marketing training and support

Small Business Owners

You started your business because you're great at what you need to do... but now you need to get regular sales in and marketing isn't your skillset. We provide training, mentoring and consultancy to small business owners who have got to the stage where they "need to do marketing properly".


Machines running well...

The people you really want to hear from are the people who have already taken the leap and been through the process.

So, don’t just take it from us, here’s what our previous clients had to say…

"My marketing has improved a lot since I started working with Ros and Katie. We’ve gradually built up a strategy which includes marketing activities that approach clients without actually approaching them with regular blogs, LinkedIn content and my website. When I first put my website up, I just expected people to come to it. I didn’t realise the importance of guiding people to and through it. Now I’m getting enquiries through it.” - Martin O'Hare, O'Hare Engineering Design Ltd.

Martin Ohare

"Ros has helped our business grow more than we ever imagined. She helps us to think differently about our marketing approaches, evaluate decisions properly and has put together a plan that not only delivers results but also saves us money by preventing us from making expensive misjudgements around marketing She’s saved us time, money and our sanity!” - Karen Meager, Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy

Karen Meager

"I’ve noticed changes in my staff, who are keener, more confident and more professional. They’ve followed what Ros said and put it into practice. She’s given us a sense of direction and a structure to work from. She’s shown us how it should be done – it’s taken away a stress and a doubt" - Edward Morris, EPM

"Ros has deconstructed 'marketing' and created a framework that covers the whole of the territory, a system to ensure the parts of the framework hold together. It is not a 'fill in the blanks' template – it makes you think, question, and test. It is both straightforward and subtle and is one of the most valuable courses I have been on." - Philip Avery, The Business Mechanic


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