What will make the
biggest difference to your sales

right now?

"I have a couple of hours to spend on my marketing but what should I do first?"

It's a question a lot of business owners find themselves asking. You sit down to work on your marketing and are struck with the overwhelm of where to begin. “Should I write a blog first or some ads, work on my website or maybe my social media?”

It’s that overwhelming feeling of ‘I have all these ideas but I don’t know what’ll bring in sales and what'll be a total waste of time and money’.

A marketing plan is one of the most valuable things you can have in your business because it means you can park all those ideas and just focus on that one thing you KNOW is going to make the biggest difference to your sales right now.

Marketing Machine Programme

The Marketing Machine Programme

The Marketing Machine Programme is a one-to-one small business marketing programme that will fuel your growth strategy now and into the future. It’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned throughout my marketing career and is specifically for small business owners who… 

  • Are tired of the stress and doubt that comes from ad hoc, "scattergun" marketing and want to take a structured, logical, proven approach. 
  • Want to grow and start hiring people but need predictable sales to do that. 
  • Know that it’ll take more than a flashy Facebook ad to grow their business.
  • Want to feel confident that every marketing activity they do is effective and attracts brilliant, profitable customers.

By the end of the programme you will have all the tools and skills you need to scale your business and accelerate your sales growth

How it works...

Ros and her team will take you through a structured process to help you design and activate a robust marketing strategy for your business. 

We will take you through a structured process to help you design and activate a robust marketing strategy for your business. 

We will cover:

  1. Meet your buyer – how and why do buyers want to engage with you?
  2. Clarify your value – how do you stack up in the eyes of your customer?
  3. Map your buyer’s journey – which marketing activities will make the biggest difference along the way?
  4. Speak your buyer’s language – how do you create focused messages that appeal to the people who matter?
  5. Measure and test – how do you know what’s working?
  6. Supercharge your marketing machine – how can you build momentum and scale up through continuous fine-tuning?

By the end of the programme you will have a detailed 90-day marketing plan tailored to your strategy, that you can start implementing straight away. And you'll have made significant improvements to your marketing all the way through the programme as well.

How we support you...

Our goal is to make sure every business has a "Marketing Machine" driving leads, sales and profit. Throughout the programme, we'll design and build you a marketing machine, and train your team to drive it. 

The Marketing Machine Infographic

Machines running well

The people you really want to hear from are the people who have already taken the leap and been through the process. So, don’t just take it from us, here’s what our previous clients had to say…

"Before starting the programme I was unsure what marketing really was. I think I understood different elements of it but as a whole it just felt a bit overwhelming. The Marketing Machine Programme has been fantastic. I like structure and process and it has just completely de-mystified marketing as a whole. I see there are clear steps I can go through in my business to achieve my goals and plan my marketing activity. The course definitely offers value for money because you can action something after each session. The value comes immediately - you don't have to wait until the end of the course. Now I've set my business goals and I can work towards them in a strategic way." - Kerry Seymour, Work Life Solutions

Kerry Seymour

"I enjoyed the practical workshop application. It really suits my processing method, so I genuinely enjoyed attending, and learning Ros’s way of doing marketing strategy. I loved doing the work in the session and not relying on me doing it out of the session. If you want a more structured, logical, process-driven approach to marketing, definitely do this course!" - Vicki Lamch, Pyramis Solutions

Vicki Lamch, Pyramis Solutions

"Ros has deconstructed 'marketing' and created a framework that covers the whole of the territory, a system to ensure the parts of the framework hold together. It is not a 'fill in the blanks' template – it makes you think, question, and test. It is both straightforward and subtle and is one of the most valuable courses I have been on." - Philip Avery, The Business Mechanic


"I looked over my goals I set last year for marketing, in 12 months we wanted to… Raise our conversion rate from 30% to 36%... It’s now 65%. Increase the average monthly spend per customer from £300 to £500… it’s now £750. Have 20 retainer clients, which we have! We’ve tripled our business in a year. Just wanted to share this with you and say a massive thank you! - Electra Savvidou, ActionPAs

Electra Savvidou

"Marketing has always been one of my challenges in running a business. There are so many different platforms and marketing methods that it is hard to know where to invest to generate consistent leads. Ros made me think about how my customers interact with the business and I now have tools that will make sure the next marketing campaign I conduct will provide a good ROI. If you are unsure how to get the best from your marketing campaigns, speak to Ros, it could be the best investment you make in marketing!" - Simon Norton, Bristol Business Brokers

Simon Norton
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What's included?

This 10-week programme includes comprehensive video training plus one-to-one coaching calls (and all the materials and templates you need) to create a tailored strategy and your first 90-day plan. 

  • Up to 10 x 1 hour workshops with Ros or Katie, delivered online via Zoom
  • Over 5 hours of online training videos which you will have unlimited access to throughout the duration of the programme 
  • Complete set of workbooks (printed as well as digital copies)
  • Reusable 90-day wall planner 
  • Actions to implement in between workshops to build momentum
  • Your personal Marketing Machine Journal to help you measure progress and track how well your marketing is performing
  • Lifetime access to the Kickstart Your Marketing online workshop, which you can use to refresh your strategy and plan every 90-days forever.
One-to-one online workshops
The Marketing Machine Journal
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Your questions answered…

How long is the programme?

On average, clients need 6-8 sessions to complete their 90-day plan. We recommend having weekly sessions to help build your marketing momentum, but do understand that it’s not always that easy, so can be flexible to fit in around you.

Who will I be working with?

Every mentoring session will be with Ros Conkie. If you’ve mentioned you might like some support implementing your plan after you’ve completed the programme though, you may be joined by another member of the team so that they can be clear on your strategy and cut out the need for any briefing times further down the road. You can meet the team here!

How much of my time will be required between the sessions?

You're running a small business - I get that. Some weeks you'll have time to work on your marketing and some weeks you'll be flat out. I want every session to be valuable even if you've been flat out since the last one. That's why I've designed the programme to be flexible to fit into a real business owner's schedule. There will be homework, but most of it is reviewing the work we've done in the session and improving it. If you have time, I'll be encouraging you to start implementing the marketing ideas we'll be coming up with in each session, but it's up to you. Like any marketing programme, the more you implement, the more value you'll get from it. And marketing can get addictive. Once you start seeing results from the things you're implementing, you'll want to do more!.

Do I need to have any specific marketing qualifications?

No! If you’ve had any sort of formal training like the CIM or a marketing degree, it’s likely that your course has been designed for people going into big businesses. What we’ll be teaching you is how to market your SME specifically. This programme will be completely tailored to your requirements so that, whether you’ve got a degree in marketing, have learned through experience or are completely new to the role, you’re pivotal in your business's growth strategy.

I’ve just joined the business - will you be able to help?

Yes! When my first marketing apprentice Katie joined the team, she had no marketing experience whatsoever. This programme will be completely tailored around your needs and experience so that your marketing produces the best results for the business you’re working in.

What happens when I’ve completed the programme?

Once you have your 90-day plan in place, we’ll be here to support you through its implementation if you need us. Whether it’s creating content, rebranding, keeping the momentum going with quarterly planning sessions, setting up new processes and systems, recruiting team members or bringing in agencies etc., we'll be on your team to help make sure you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Can I spread the cost?

Contact me to discuss payment plans.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind or if your circumstances change and you want to cancel, my refund terms are: Cancellations more than 30 days before the first session: 100% refund. Cancellation 14-30 days before the first session: 50% refund. Cancellation less than 14 days before the first session: no refund (by that stage it's too late for me to fill the space)

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