Gain the
confidence, skills & structure
for exceptional results

How much more would you enjoy your job if you could...

Trace the impact...
of your marketing to the success of the business?

Be completely confident...
in what you’re doing because you're working strategically and no longer relying on gut-feeling?

Remove the stress and the doubt from your role...
because you have a prioritised marketing plan in place that's guided by a clear strategy?

Effectively measure your marketing...
to draw clear lines between marketing investment and profit, to justify every penny of your marketing budget and confidently pitch for more? 

Know the right questions to ask...
to get the information you need from other departments within the business?

Have the tools and language...
to describe why your marketing proposal will be effective and justify your budget requests?

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We know what it's like to be a marketing manager in a business without a strategy. Where you’re the only person flying the flag for marketing and your boss has far too much on their mind to give you the guidance you need. And when, even if they had the headspace for it, your boss doesn’t have the skills to build a marketing strategy that's going to help you get the results they’re looking for.

When you're managing an SMEs marketing, it's very easy to get caught up focusing on tactics you need to deliver on (especially if you’re the only marketer in the business). But, if you never have a chance to look up, review your goals and ask where the business is aiming, your marketing is going to go off course. 

We’re here to ask the right questions to get you the guidance and strategy you need in order to succeed. 

How to do marketing that
actually works...

If you’ve had any sort of formal training like the CIM or a marketing degree, it’s likely that your course was primarily designed for people going into big businesses. They might have told you to start with things like market research and SOSTAC, which are great if you have a huge budget to play with, but less useful if you’re trying to market a small, rapidly evolving business. Trying to apply tools like this to a small business, though, can often be a huge waste of time, so what's the best way to get started with your small business marketing strategy?

How we support you...

We'll support you step by step and make sure the marketing function we create is exactly what your business needs to achieve your goals with;

  • Strategy and planning sessions (2hrs each via Zoom) to get you to your first, detailed, 90-day plan: most clients need 6-8 sessions to complete their plan.
  • Phone and email support throughout, to provide feedback and advice.
  • Tools and templates to help you plan, implement, test, and measure your marketing activities, including spreadsheets, a reusable (wipe-clean) A1 90-day planner, and access to my 90-day marketing planning app.
  • Ongoing accountability check-ins to help keep that momentum going.
  • Tailored support and content creation (if you’d like it) to take some of the pressure of juggling the business marketing alone off your shoulders.

By the end of the programme, you will have a detailed 90-day marketing plan tailored to your strategy, that you can start implementing straight away. And, you'll have made significant improvements to your marketing all the way through the programme as well.

The Marketing Machine Infographic

Your questions answered…

How long is the programme?

On average, clients need 6-8 sessions to complete their 90-day plan. We recommend having weekly sessions to help build your marketing momentum, but do understand that it’s not always that easy, so can be flexible to fit in around you.

Who will I be working with?

Every mentoring session will be with Ros Conkie. If you’ve mentioned you might like some support implementing your plan after you’ve completed the programme though, you may be joined by another member of the team so that they can be clear on your strategy and cut out the need for any briefing times further down the road. You can meet the team here!

How much of my time will be required between the sessions?

You're running a small business - I get that. Some weeks you'll have time to work on your marketing and some weeks you'll be flat out. I want every session to be valuable even if you've been flat out since the last one. That's why I've designed the programme to be flexible to fit into a real business owner's schedule. There will be homework, but most of it is reviewing the work we've done in the session and improving it. If you have time, I'll be encouraging you to start implementing the marketing ideas we'll be coming up with in each session, but it's up to you. Like any marketing programme, the more you implement, the more value you'll get from it. And marketing can get addictive. Once you start seeing results from the things you're implementing, you'll want to do more!.

Do I need to have any specific marketing qualifications?

No! If you’ve had any sort of formal training like the CIM or a marketing degree, it’s likely that your course has been designed for people going into big businesses. What we’ll be teaching you is how to market your SME specifically. This programme will be completely tailored to your requirements so that, whether you’ve got a degree in marketing, have learned through experience or are completely new to the role, you’re pivotal in your business's growth strategy.

I’ve just joined the business - will you be able to help?

Yes! When my first marketing apprentice Katie joined the team, she had no marketing experience whatsoever. This programme will be completely tailored around your needs and experience so that your marketing produces the best results for the business you’re working in.

What happens when I’ve completed the programme?

Once you have your 90-day plan in place, we’ll be here to support you through its implementation if you need us. Whether it’s creating content, rebranding, keeping the momentum going with quarterly planning sessions, setting up new processes and systems, recruiting team members or bringing in agencies etc., we'll be on your team to help make sure you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Can I spread the cost?

Contact me to discuss payment plans.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind or if your circumstances change and you want to cancel, my refund terms are: Cancellations more than 30 days before the first session: 100% refund. Cancellation 14-30 days before the first session: 50% refund. Cancellation less than 14 days before the first session: no refund (by that stage it's too late for me to fill the space)

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