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Flexing to meet a changing industry

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"If I don't take the leap now, I never will."

How many times have you said something like this in your business? And how many times have you actually taken that step?

When Martin O’Hare was first introduced to Ros back in 2020 he was at a crossroads. O’Hare Engineering Design Ltd. was on a steep growth trajectory but he knew that his current marketing wasn’t doing enough to maintain that momentum. He was looking for support in learning how to build a marketing machine that actually works for his very niche business as well as some strategic direction to propel his growth forward.

“When I was first introduced to Ros, I knew that I needed to do more on my marketing because at the time my website was pretty bare and almost all of my business was coming through referrals. Even in those first few months working with Ros, my website changed dramatically.” 
Martin O’Hare, Founder of O’Hare Engineering Design Ltd


The solution 

Ros helped Martin to step out of his business and into his potential clients’ shoes. Where were they currently finding out about his business? And where were the opportunities to reach these people as the whole industry flexed and changed to meet new guidelines? By focussing on his ideal customer and buyer journey, Martin and Ros were able to identify gaps in his current process and find opportunities to offer more content and support where it was going to have the biggest impact. 

The strategy they built around these activities worked to guide people through their path to purchase. This included using clear calls to action that nudged people from his LinkedIn business page, to blogs, and then to specific pages on the website that encouraged them to book a call. 

Once O’Hare Engineering Design Ltd. had a clear strategy and 90-day marketing plan in place, Ros invited Martin to join the Marketing Machine Membership, a group of business owners who have all been through the Marketing Machine process and were looking to continuously improve their marketing. This ongoing support helped Martin (and the other members of the group) to maintain his marketing momentum, stay strategic, and be held accountable for his plan month on month. 

When Martin decided that he needed to outsource more of his marketing implementation, Katie began to help with the creation of marketing materials like process infographics and brochures as well as regular blogs and LinkedIn content.

Martin describes how “My marketing has improved a lot since I started working with Ros and Katie. We’ve gradually built up a strategy which now includes loads of marketing activities that approach clients without actually approaching them with regular blogs, LinkedIn content, and my website. When I first put my website up, I just expected people to come to it. I didn’t realise the importance of guiding people to and through it. Now I’m getting enquiries through it.”

The result 

Since embedding these processes in the business, Martin has seen a significant improvement in the quality of enquiries coming through these new marketing channels as well as an uptake in clientele. With lots of his clients now coming through the website, he’s also now able to monitor his marketing metrics. This means he can see how many people are visiting his site, where they’re coming from, and exactly how people are moving through his website. He can use this data to identify where more content or support is needed.

But, Martin explains, “the biggest benefit has been the boost in confidence to myself. I’m able to approach clients in more ways now, tell them what I’m about and guide them through the process and project.”


If you’d like to find out more about how a clear marketing strategy can help you to grow your business, book your free clarity call with Ros today.