How to craft a compelling call to action

The aim of marketing is to support customers through their buying journey. Therefore every single piece of marketing should have a call to action that leads your customers on to the next step. 
Crafting an effective call to action is easier said than done. Here are the three things to keep in mind:
1. Decide on the best "next step"
Does it make sense?
Sometimes it can be helpful to offer more than one next step. Be careful not to offer too many choices though as that can confuse or overwhelm people and reduce conversions.
2. Communicate to everyone by bringing in all the senses
We all take in information differently, via our senses. Some people prefer to take in information visually. Some prefer to hear it. And some prefer to feel it.
So how do you speak to all these different kinds of people with one written call to action?
The answer is to use language that appeals to each. 
'Visual' people will tend to use language like "I see what you mean", "that looks good to me", "crystal clear" and "it appears so". Language like this will catch visual people's eye.
'Auditory' people will like phrases such as "I hear what you're saying", "that sounds right/rings a bell", "loud and clear" and "it resonates". Auditory language will resonate with these people most.
'Feeling' people will prefer language like "that feels right", "let's keep in touch", "hang on/hold on" and "get in contact". This kind of feeling language will be most likely to grab them.
Having read this, you may now have an idea of your own preference. Mine is 'feeling' so I naturally tend to include these kinds of words. I have to be mindful to include other senses in my writing and speaking.
How do we use this to craft a call to action?
Ideally, your call to action will have elements that speak to each type of person. It's not always possible, but give it a go. 
For example:
  • If this sounds interesting to you, join our webinar to see how it all works. (Auditory, feeling, visual)
  • If you'd like to get a feel for how our product can create harmony in your life, watch this video. (Feeling, auditory, visual)
  • If this blog resonates with you, get in contact and I'll show you how you implement the same process in your business. (Auditory, feeling, visual)
  • If you'd like to hear more, come and see us at our open day next week. (Auditory, feeling, visual)
Can you create a call to action that speaks to every type of person? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to see what you come up with!

3. Make sure the call to action stands out on the page

If your call to action is hidden amongst the rest of your copy, people will miss it. Make sure it stands out so it's obvious what you want people to do next.

Use a bold font or turn it into a button or image. This will grab the attention of anyone who is scan-reading the page.
Make it easy!
My definition of marketing is simply "making it really easy for people to buy". So look at your page and think to yourself, "how can I make it easier for my customers to say 'yes' to the next step I'm offering them?"
If you need help with this, or any part of your marketing strategy and execution, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you and see whether we can help.

Ros Conkie


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